Monday, September 26, 2011

Owl Cupcakes

Because really, who wouldn’t want to try and make these adorable cupcakes?

So we waited patiently while they cooked and our mouths watered as they cooled on the counter.

Then after lunch, we dove into the Oreos and M&M’s with the happy excitement that comes with making delicious baked goodies that look cute too…

And I think we did very well.

Here is our little flock of owls, all googley eyed and adorable!


Each of us gals got to make three, and here are our favorites~

first, L’s favorite…

googley eyed and sweet… and funny! :) made us all giggle!


then Miss M’s… isn’t this just look like her?? :) Ha! A surprised owl!


and her other one, the shy owl…


And my fav- a cute little one…


Too sweet!

And while we were busy creating our flock of birds, Mr. R was busy with the M&M’s creating one big happy smiley family-




(and thanks to Anna from Young and Married for the idea!)


Have a blessed day on this gloriously cool fall afternoon!

Kaye and family :)

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