Monday, April 18, 2011

when you can’t see the path


I was sitting up late.

Later than I ought to have been.

Praying and thinking, wondering and dreaming.

Where will the next years take me?

Where will I work?

What about college?

What could I do to further the Kingdom?

How can I glorify God in everything?

The questions weighed down, so I prayed them, and asked God to show me the path that I should take.

Prayed, closed the Bible and blue journal and went to bed.


The next night, two days ago now,

I sat on that same barstool at the kitchen counter,

later than I should’ve been,

and prayed.

First I read Matthew 5-7,

which got me thinking about Psalm 119,

the verse where it says

“How can a young man keep his way pure? By walking according to your word.”

So I started to turn the pages in that direction and was almost there when I saw, starred, highlighted, circled.

That verse I learned in preschool.

“Your Word is a lamp unto my feet,

and a light unto my path.”

And then it all clicked for me-

how could I have missed this, this verse I have known since a young age?

God’s word- the holy, infallible Word, inspired by God and totally true-

This Word gives the answers.

For the Word, CHRIST, was with God, in Him is LIGHT,

light unto my path.

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