Saturday, April 2, 2011

30 Fictional Characters

Jasmine Baucham had a cool challenge on her blog, and I decided to give it a try!
It’s simple-
Without thinking too much, list 30 fictional characters- 15 from books and 15 from films- that
  • you really liked, or
  • identified with, or
  • who you think influenced you, or
  • whom you simply will never forget!

  1. Ralph Moody- a farm boy who is honest, hardworking, and funny! I have loved reading about his adventures in all of his books.
  2. Scout Finch- what a sweet, smart, and funny character! I loved learning as she did about the times in the book To Kill A Mockingbird.
  3. Jem Finch- Scout’s big brother who witnesses how his dad tries to help everyone, no matter their skin color. Awesome big brother and great personality. From To Kill A Mockingbird.
  4. Mary Alice- this Chicago gal gets a shock when she goes to live with her Grandma Dowdel in rural Illinois in the book A Year Down Yonder. In that year, she is involved in many of her grandma’s crazy but thoughtful schemes.
  5. Grandma Dowdel- a hysterically funny, inventive, and smart Grandma who knows how to hold her own.
  6. Maude March- this cowgirl’s spunk and ability to find trouble never cease to amaze me. Her two books are Maude March  and Maude March on the Run!
  7. Hollis Woods- a young girl in the foster care system who finds her forever family… makes me cry every time I read it… Pictures of Hollis Woods.
  8. Sir Kendrick- a knight ready to defend the Kingdom at all cost with a heart full of courage and chivalry. Amazing story… Sir Kendrick and the Castle at Bel Lione.
  9. Astrid Bjorklund- spunky, crazy, funny, and wise- this farmgirl doctor follows the Lord with all her heart and can quote scripture like you wouldn’t believe- Love her!
  10. Moss Trawnley- a young boy with the smarts to survive the depression. He ends up in the Civilian Conservation Corps and finds that what they are doing is what he is meant for. Powerful, funny, and will leave you heaving a happy sigh- Hitch.
  11. Ranger Logan- a young ranger fleeing his past and finding joy in working the mountains in the Couer d’Alene forests. That is, until wildfires threaten to consume them… one of my favorites!!! The Big Burn by J. Ingold.
  12. Hope Yancey- fiesty and fast, Hope works with her aunt at the Welcome Stairway Diner, serving food with more laughs and smiles than anyone. From Hope Was Here.
  13. Holling Hoodhood- hysterical. Simply put, you will laugh so hard your stomach hurts when you read The Wednesday Wars.
  14. Stargirl- beautiful, original, and her own person. She turns a stereo-type school upside-down with her ukelele, pet rat, and prairie skirts.
  15. Bird Mallon- certain of her future, Bird finds that sometimes life can throw you uncertainties and finds friendship in the unlikeliest of places. I would love to step into her shoes for the day… from Water Street.
(Okay, I went over a little… smile)
16. Christian- from a Pilgrim’s Progress. His walk is one that is traveled by all Christians.
17. Mrs. Gladstone- a fiery, smart, short, fiesty, funny lady who is determined to save her shoe business from her grown son Elden, and takes us with her for the ride in Rules of the Road. She reminds me a lot of my Mamo.
  1. Kathleen Kelly- this charming bookstore owner from You’ve Got Mail has the cutest house, style, and I just love her sweet character.
  2. Emma Woodhouse- her quick wit is one I admire
  3. Elinor Dashwood- simple and quiet. Love her. I’ve watched Sense and Sensibility too many times…
  4. Claire Huxtable- the mom from the Cosby show… classy, intelligent, and constantly laughing at her family’s predicaments.
  5. Aslan- Liam Neison plays him perfectly in the Narnia Movies… a great allegory of Christ.
  6. Larry Daley- “I’m the night guard.” Love those movies (Night at the Museum) and think he is hilarious!
  7. Bert- “Mary Poppins!” The chalk man, one-man-band, chimney sweep.
  8. Barney Fife- the bumbling deputy from Andy Griffith Show. HIs mistakes and adventures have had me and my sisters rolling.
  9. Opal- from Because of Winn-Dixie. Her charm, sweet quiet and abililty to make friends anywhere inspires me… love her.
  10. Gloria- Opal’s blind friend who teaches her about friendship, life, and gardens. My favorite character from that movie/book.
  11. Gru- rough vilian turned daddy. I absolutely adored “Despicable Me.” Too cute!
  12. Maria Von Trapp- I just love Julie Andrews, and this is my favorite of her roles.
  13. Madeline- I watched this movie a lot when I was young, and still love to! Poor Ms. Clavelle had her hands full with this little girl!
  14. Samwise Gamgee- Frodo’s gardener/companion/body guard (smile). His simple temperament is one I love to watch.
  15. Aragorn- the future king, the great ranger, and awesome guy. My all time favorite from Lord of the Rings.
Now I challenge you, reader-
tell me about some characters you love, remember, won’t forget.
Can’t wait to hear from you,

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