Wednesday, April 20, 2011

blown away yet again…

What can I say?
God totally blew me out of the water again with his goodness and gifts.
That’s twice this week.

A few weeks ago, I was just done.
I was tired of thinking about what I was going to do with my life and where to find a job for the summer.
I prayed hard…
really hard.
I asked God to show me- tell me PLEASE where it was I was supposed to work.
Silence on the other line,
then just one word.
I just about lost it at that one.
Wait? Again? Just like last time I asked?
But peace knocked and I let Him in, and took a deep breath.
So, frustrated but peaceful, I went to bed.
The next day my mom went out with a good friend of ours for lunch. Her daughter mentioned a job opening at the little drug store where she and her brother worked.
Mom let me know, and I instantly thought of my conversation with God last night.
Then I swear I heard in my head, plain as the nose on my face, “Wait’s over.”
So I applied.
I also applied down at a little family nursery by our house, just in case.
A week goes by.
And another.
Then this nice lady gives me a call from the little drug store-
“Would you like to interview?”
So Monday I drove out, prayed the whole way there, and pulling into the lot 15 minutes early (a normal thing for me and Mom :) ) and prayed some more.
Deep breath and walk in.
The interview passes, I say hello to friends, and walk out.
Is this it, God? Do you still want me to work here? Let me know…
The nice lady said that she would let me know if I got the job by Friday.
This morning (Wednesday) I was still in my PJ’s (I know… bad… it was like 9 o clock… :) ) when the phone rings.
Mom hands it over, all grins and giddiness. I hear Miranda asking in the background, “Did she get the job?”
“Hi! This is Joy. I was wondering if you still wanted to work at K Drug Store?”
I called Dad, and what he said just rang through my head the rest of the day…
“God has blessed you mightily.”
Yes, He has,
and he showed once again that he ALWAYS has a plan.

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