Thursday, April 7, 2011

All Glory

“No day must pass, though ever so busy a day, though ever so sorrowful a day, without praising God. God is every day blessing us, doing well for us; there is, therefore, good reason that we should bless Him every day, speaking well of Him…
What we must give God glory of are His greatness and His great works. We must declare, “Great is the Lord,” and if great, then “greatly to be praised!” with all that is within us, to the utmost of our power.
His greatness indeed cannot be comprehended. When we cannot, by searching, find the bottom,
we must sit down at the brink and adore the depth.”
-Matthew Henry, "Complete Commentary on the Bible"

(just a quote I found in my devotional... enjoy the warm weather today! Joyful Blessings Abound- Kaye)

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