Thursday, May 6, 2010

our day today

from the table
as the wind whips
pencils fly
papers flutter
and books bounce

buses careen across the floor
tractors block sports cars
a little boy smiles
at the traffic jam
in our living room

mouse clicks
screen flashes
This Day in History
learn and explore pages
flash across the screen
and dance before blue eyes

coffee beans spin
little boy calls "Coffee time!"
from the living room
pot hisses and drips
mom smiles at the two empty bags
free coffee coming soon

blender whirs
dough spins swiftly around the bowl
shouts of joy from around the house
as sauce and cheese appear on the counter
"homemade pizza for lunch!"

games move homes
shifting from shelf to shelf
and textbooks take their place
as we finish out the year

phone rings
all pause to see who
dad's voice from school
smiling across the phone lines
and we smile back

our day today

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