Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekends are for Partys!

This weekend my family and friends all blessed me with a Jane Austen Tea Party to celebrate my 16th birthday and it was fantastic! The whole thing was so well put together, and I was so happy to have everyone there! The picture on top is one of my favorites of the whole day. All of my family and friends getting together and having a good time was amazing and I loved every minute of it.

Thank you all who were there! I loved seeing all of you and thank you again for your blessings and prayers! I have them all in the box my Grandpa Baker made for me so that I can pull them out and read them when I need to.
Thank you to everyone who brought food! Everything was perfectly scrumptious and tasty. Perfect!
Thank you to everyone who came early to set up!
Thank you COG for letting us use the building!
Thank you Mom and Dad for everything you did to make the day wonderful! Love you!

My Mamo stood up and shared this with us all, and I wanted to post it because it really describes... well, me.

I had an early run in the woods before the dew was off the grass. The moss was like velvet, and as I ran under the arches of yeallow and red leaves I sang for joy, my heart was so bright and the world so beautiful. I stopped at the end of the walk... a very strange and solemn feeling came over me as I stood there, with no sound but the rustle of the pines, no one near me, and the sun so glorious, as for me alone. It seemed as if I felt God as I never did before, and I prayed with my heart that I might keep that happy sense of nearness in my life.
~ Louisa May Alcott

Dear Lord, I pray that you would bless everyone at the party yesterday ten times what they blessed me. Be with them today and forever, help them to draw nearer to you, and not be afraid to do what they are called to. Thank you for blessing me with friends and family who love me even in my tough days. Thank you for who you are, and how you have worked through ordinary people. Thank you, Lord, for a wonderful day yesterday.
In Jesus' Name,