Monday, March 22, 2010

Blessings of Memories

As this week starts up again, I again take a trip through my memories that I have in my room.
I remember that one time or this one little thing, and I smile.
How good the Lord has been through all my years here on earth!
And how much He continues to bless me with daily!

232. R's belly laugh
233. M's giggle
234. L's patience with me as I talk on and on and on late at night :)
235. reading at night with Daddy

236. the first quilt ever created by Mamo and me... 
It still keeps me warm on my bed on top of my fish quilt

237. The box that Mamo made me in 1998, not long after Lily was born. I was four and loved baby dolls, and she surprised me with a whole box full of beautiful homemade dresses for my baby doll. Now it holds all of my baby-toddler memories.

239. the cloth that was on my bed cover when I was little.... I just love this!
240. my Mom's yummy homemade pizza dough
241. paper and glue securing project boards for the project fair
242. my PLAN test coming in!
243. opera music while we clean
244. worship at church with my family
245. plants growing
246. wearing a wind-breaker instead of a winter coat
247. getting my permit on Wednesday!!! Pray for my dad... :)
248. Haiti pictures that make me realize how selfish I am
249. The Incredibles movie and popcorn

Go with God!

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