Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Permit Test

So today I woke up, excited and nervous at the same time. As Lauraine Snelling (one of my favorite authors) put it, my butterflies were up earlier than me. Today was my last day for drivers ed in the classroom and right after I went to get my permit.
I made my lunch, said see ya later! to my sisters, and headed out the door. Mom drove me there and said see you soon! then I went in.
The first half of the class seemed to drag on and on as a speaker told us about motorcyle safety. When lunch time came around, I was pretty much out of my mind with anxiety. Would I pass the test? Did I study everything?
As I ate my PB&J and chips with three chocolate chip cookies to help me out, I prayed hard. "O Lord, help me help me help me! I'm as nervous as all get out and really would like to pass this test so I could get my permit today. Please be with me."
Students filed in, all chattering and laughing after lunch. I sat at my desk, staring at my driver's manual and still praying like crazy.
Everyone settled down and Mr. P passed out the last test. As mine dropped on the table in front of me, I placed my name at the top and stared.
The first question. It didn't make any sense! What was that? Where had I missed that? I pondered quietly. Someone who was braver than me raised his hand.
"What's the first question mean?" a chorus of similair ones followed. Deep sigh. Phew. Wasn't just me!
The rest of the test passed quickly, and we started to grade it. I peeked at the score my neighbor was highlighting at the top of my paper.
I wanted to jump up and laugh and whoop! I had passed!
Those beautiful little blue slips came around. One had my name on it. Yes! Thank you Lord!
I ran out to the car, waving my slip triumphantly. Who cared about the real permit test I was about to take at the lisencing center? God got me through that, he can work me through this.
I practically ran into the center, eager to get the test done. I sat at my computer, pushed the start button. As the test came suddenly to a halt, I wanted to jump up again.
Even better than the one I took at the classroom part! Thank you Jesus!
Much relieved and quite tired, I walked up and handed the nice gentleman my papers, had my picture taken, and went home with a new yellow sheet in my pocket.
Yes! Thank you, Lord for helping me through my permit tests!


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