Monday, March 8, 2010


From the tea cups passed down from my great grandpa Lillian Conrad to my new box "Made With Love" from my Papa to start new traditions and heirlooms, there are many new blessings as I start out another year on this earth.

201. a box made with love and full of blessings from my dear friends and family...
202. tea cups passed down to the next generation...
                          This cup and saucer was willed tome by your great, great grandmother, Lillian Conrad. I felt honored to have recieved it from her and thought on this special birthday I would share and pass that honor on to you.
All my love-
Aunt Noelle
203. learning about the Civilian Conservation Corps and loving it
204. oranges on the counter
205. late nights watching Lord of the Rings with Dad
206. Dad's popcorn... I don't know how, but he makes THE BEST popcorn!
207. L's calls about dresses she made and coyotes howling up north  (she's braver than me... if I had heard those coyotes calling, I would've dove under the bed!)
208. Daily Light on the Daily Path book by the Samuel Bagster Family
209. having a warm quilt to snuggle up in late at night
210. My Mom and how she knows me
211. M's sense of humor
212. warm slippers on my feet
213. the smell of wood varnish on my new box
214. pizza with the Wellmans after a long but wonderful day!
215. talking to Kelsey and Lisa
216. R in his Dinosaur hat... makes me laugh!

May your day be blessed and the Lord guide you in all you do!
Kaye Ann Silver