Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Recent Photos

Here are the most recent photos I have taken. The girls are my sisters and the sunset was down at the park by my house. The one with my dad and my sister is when we were decorating our tree earlier this month.
I really like these photos because they are truly showing what concentration is like for my sisters. M needs to be completely focused , as does J. But L just sits very fairy like and smiles lightly as she works. The pictures of L and J are from when we decorated our gingerbread houses. 
NOTE: I could not get the pictures of J or L or the park. The computer is being very stinky and taking absolutely forever to load them, so I will be posting them tomorrow. 
There is also another picture of my dog in there. I just love her and really do think she is the sweetest thing since sweet and condensed milk. Kira is so cute. It is kind of sad to see the gray hair slowly creeping up along her chin. I don't consider her to be a old dog yet. After all, she is only 4 almost 5. I say that she has a good ten years left in her. We had  a small sad moment. We took out our stockings and there was T-Dog's. We all had a little sniffle at it being our first ever Christmas without Tookie Bell. (In case you were wondering, her real name was just Tori, but we called her so many other things.) 
L and J are having a mini-sleep-over, so Dad took M ice skating. Me and my mom have been at home finishing up some last minute gift wrapping. This morning, M was practically out of her skin excited about Christmas coming up soon and going to see all the relatives and opening gifts. She even tried to convince Dad that we should open two of our gifts tomorrow morning. It was really funny to watch that conversation.
We are all getting over colds and M is over Strep. Praise the Lord that no one else in our house got it! I am still without a voice and hoping to get some of it back by tomorrow. I feel so disconnected because no one can hear what I am saying unless I stand close. I was actually supposed to sing in our church's Christmas Eve services. Ha. Not happening. 
I got my book that I talked about in my previous listings bound today! Yeah! 
Bye Zee Bye 
Kaye Ann

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