Saturday, December 13, 2008


Hey there everyone! My goodness! Is it already December 13th?!?! Today Mamo is coming down to see my family. I am quite excited and cannot wait until she gets here in a few hours. I have exciting news (well, I don't know if you'll think it's exciting, but I do). I have just finished my short story collection and printed and edited it all out and hopefully by January have it bound and ready to give away. I am so excited! The stories included in it are:
  • There's More to Life than Cows
  • Return
  • A Sense of History
  • Birdy
  • English Tea and Rusty Trucks
  • Just Down the Road
  • Just the Epilogue
  • Mr. Bayler's Cottage
  • Sunrise
  • Tale of Twin Cities
  • The Lake House
  • The Walk Around the Block
  • Story of Trout
  • Writers Block
  • Tell the News
  • The Brightest Star
  • My Journey from Germany to the United States

Yikers that is a lot! The book is 57 pages long and quite heavy. I am so excited to get it bound and ready to give to whoever wants one.

God Bless You this Christmas!

Kaye Ann Silver

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