Sunday, December 7, 2008

Merry Early Christmas

This picture is out of my grandparent's barn up north.
This picture is down the street from my house. This would be my dog.
This is a view from my grandparent's boathouse porch.
Same thing as above.
Hello there everyone!
I was just on the computer and decided that I should probably update my blog. Oh!
Here is my Christmas Story that I wrote for a class I am taking this year. It is in second person and has two main characters and was written as a childrens story. The ### just show that the story is switching to another person's (or star's) point of view.
The Brightest Star
One dark night, in the vast sky above the city of Bethlehem, two stars named Sam and Igor sat shining, just like any other night. ### Sam looked to his right and sighed. What a gorgeous evening, he thought. He always seemed to sit a little straighter and shine a little brighter when the sky cleared of clouds and mist. Sam waited anxiously every night for the right time when he would get to shine. But every night Igor, his teacher, would always be the one in all the glory. “When will it be my turn?” Sam asked Igor every night. Igor always replied, “Soon, Sam. One day all will have their moment to shine, be it in ten years or ten seconds, everyone has a purpose that is greater than any we shall know.” He glanced up to the north and saw that Igor was starting to shimmer and blink as he had for hundreds of years. ### Igor’s purpose surpassed many of the stars in the Sky. He stood exactly to the north and helped to guide people to their destinations. Igor always shone brighter than the rest. He wasn’t proud, but did get a sliver of joy whenever the people on Earth said, “Just follow that North Star,” and all gaze up towards him. Igor sighed contentedly. Yes, he was quite happy to be the North Star and to always help guide the lost. Igor glanced downward towards the small, shaking star that was undoubtedly his student, Sam. He felt sorry for the little star and called down to him in his strong voice, “Sam. Your time to shine will come. One day, you will be known throughout the galaxies.” The small star stopped shaking and seemed to glow a little brighter. Igor so wanted Sam to enjoy who he was and have confidence in himself. ### Sam stopped shaking and smiled. He looked about him at the surrounding stars. Many of them formed constellations of dippers and horses, or great heroes and valiant warriors. His friends seemed content with their spots. If only I was, thought Sam. He quickly shook away his self-centered thoughts and continued to gaze over the surrounding countryside. Quite a few herds of sheep continued to graze in the fields while their shepherds watched. Loads of people still arrived at the city, anxious to find a room. Sam shook his head. Why were they so intent on moving so fast? Many carts wove in and out of the town and soldiers with red helmets marched in straight lines throughout the city of Bethlehem. So many animals were in the city that the stench of sweat and droppings filled the night sky and made Sam cringe. Couples and families stood asking for rooms at the town’s inns. Sam tried to single out one family or couple so that he could watch them, but the throngs still massed everyone and moved every person so quickly, it was impossible to single out one person in general. ### Igor watched the crowds. Many travelers had come to the town for the census. Even at his great height in the sky, he could smell the inn’s food and hear the laughter echoing through the town. He was about to speculate on what the humans were eating when he heard a great voice. “Igor, Great Northern Star.” Igor looked around him. He saw a muscular, tall figure with wings. “Yes, Michael. Here I am,” Igor answered the glowing angel. “The Lord God has sent his son, Jesus Christ who will save the World of Men down to earth as a child. Tonight in a stable, He will be born to a virgin mother who conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit here in the town of Bethlehem.” “Why, that is too wonderful!” Igor exclaimed. “What will you have me do in celebration to this great night?” Michael moved closer to him, his great golden wings shivering in anticipation. “The Lord God wishes to have a star placed over the spot where His Son will be born. I have been commanded to help you select a star.” Igor was ecstatic. When all the stars heard the news about God’s son being born right under Bethlehem, they all shimmered with joy and great expectation. After Michael and Igor explained why this was important to the stars and how one of them would get to shine brighter than even Igor was now, they all started yelling. “Oh, Michael! I am the brightest!” “I am the prettiest!” “Pick me!” “Igor likes me best so he will pick me!” “No he wouldn’t! I am the favorite!” A fight amongst the stars started. Igor shook his head and Michael frowned. The stars were in chaos. Except one. ### Sam sat still, not saying a word while the stars battled on. He was certain that he would not be chosen. He wasn’t the brightest, biggest, or most beautiful star. Sam’s light started to shrink. ### Igor was sick of the arguing. Michael looked about ready to draw his flaming sword to silence them. “My, wouldn’t that be wonderful”, Igor muttered. Then he noticed something. Sam sat still and shaking a bit from all the noise. Igor listened for Sam’s small voice in all the chaos but heard nothing. He got an idea. Igor beckoned for Michael to come closer and quietly whispered his idea. “I like it.” Michael declared. Then he turned back to the stars and swooped down next to Sam. No one noticed. ### Sam startled. What did this great angel want with him? Sam started to shiver even more. “Don’t be scared, Sam. For tonight you shall shine like the Great Northern Star, only much brighter. We have chosen you to shine above the Son of God.” Sam stopped shaking and beamed up at Michael. “T-thank y-y-you, Michael.” Sam stuttered. Michael smiled with great satisfaction. He drew his flaming sword which made Sam flinch and touched the top of Sam’s head. And Sam started to shine. He felt himself moving slowly towards a stable. When he rested on top of it, he could hear singing. Sam looked down and found that a shepherd group had come with their sheep to worship the new born king, Jesus. The virgin mother sat gazing at the king with tears in her eyes and her husband-to-be sat at her side. The baby Jesus turned and looked up through the straw that covered the roof and smiled up at Sam. Sam had never felt more blessed. ### Satisfied, Igor looked down on the city of Bethlehem and Sam Bright Star. His happiness for the young star was greater than he thought possible. Igor also rejoiced when the young King Jesus laughed and he could hear it echo throughout the heavens. Michael also seemed quite happy with his choice. He looked over at Michael who was still smiling largely and said the words that had comforted Sam every day since he had appeared below him. “One day all will have their moment to shine, be it in ten years or ten seconds, everyone has a purpose that is greater than any we shall know.” ### Sam could tell that he was shining very bright, brighter than any star. His sensations were ones of pure joy and great rejoicing. Finally, his moment to shine had come and its purpose was one greater than any other in the Universe.
"The Name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are saved." Proverbs 18:10
Love you, Uncle Jon.
Kaye Ann Silver

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