Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Christmas Eve Eve!!!

Hello! I can hardly believe that it is already Christmas Eve Eve! (As said by Eloise in Eloise's Chirstmas... I love that movie so much!) Well, my family and I are quite busy this next week. I am praying that my voice returns soon so that I can talk to everybody and don't get them sick too. My family is staying home for Christmas and I am so happy! Not that I don't enjoy Christmas at our Grandparent's farm house, but it is just the security of feeling safe and at home where there are no coyotes and other animals staring in at you while you sleeping. (I am deathly afraid of all wild dogs, coyotes and wolves especially.) Last night I went bell ringing with some of my favorite people and had a blast. We were there from 3-8 and were quite cold. It was a ton of fun to sing and dance and freeze in the entrance to Byerlys. I had a blast! My friend Botso brought a nose flute that was absolutely hysterical and my friends from church brought out all these percussion instruments that were very cool as well. Thank God for good friends! Well, if I don't blog before Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU! God Bless You this Christmas Season, and May You Remember the Real Reason to Celebrate: Jesus Christ. Kaye Ann

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