Thursday, August 4, 2011

a little history for you

On the name:

Someone asked me how we came to call my grandma “Mamo”. Well, what I’ve been told is that my parents both called her “Mo”. So when I was little, I would try and call her “Grandma Mo”. But for my two-three year old brain, it just came out in the much simpler to say “Mamo”, and it stuck.


(explanation: Oh, to be Mamo!)

On the camp:

Again, long time ago (like, 11 years or so) I started to come up to the cabin by myself for a few nights. Then my sister Lillie started to join me for a few nights in the summer or winter. As the family grew and more cousins/grandkids came into the picture, the cabin started to fill up. And as it had started with me by myself with no parents, that’s what it became, until someone (I think my mom and Mamo) came up with the official name: Mamo Camp.

On the cabin:

Mamo once told me that she and Papa had fallen in love with the area, and after years of saying “I could live here”, they decided to do just that.In 1998, my grandparents fondly know as Mamo and Papa, purchased a small little cabin on the shores of a lake in Northern MN. There was a small little white boat house on the shore of their bay that led out to a beautiful open lake.

A few years later, the property next to theirs went up for sale, which they also purchased, now owning two little brown cabins that used to be part of a resort.

In 2001, they began to merge the two cabins by constructing a large middle section and connecting the two cabins. The front was converted, and new siding of beautiful pine logs put on the face of it. I can remember going north and all that you could see in the house was sawdust and tarps, and listen to my grandparents show us around the almost finished house.

Fast forward 10 years.










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