Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finally! (reposted one year later)

remembering R's Officially Ours Day one year ago today!!!

God is good and we are remembering that joy! Blessings and stay cool today! Kaye

Yesterday came and went quickly.

Up at 5:30, up north by 9:45.

Into the courtroom at 10:30, out of the courtroom by 10:34.

Quick as that.

But still a huge, exciting, tear filled, love filled day for our family.

Because R is finally ours for good and forever!


finally standing in front of the courthouse

remembering my camera

our house busy at 5:30 am with excitement to leave

the church in front of the courthouse

how cool it is that the name of the church, in front of the courthouse where our family was made complete, was Bethlehem.

walking up the stairs to the court area

the robin that followed us all the way from the parking lot, down the sidewalk, on the sign, to the entrance

getting smiles from the people in the court area

the beautiful corsages that Miss Ellen surprised us with! One for each of us. This is a photo of what us girls’ corsage looked like.

FOUR MINUTES in the courtroom, paper signed, and walking out just stunned...

the happy tears on the way home

chocolate milk- the treat R wanted to celebrate

subs at Jimmy Johns

phone calls of joy and celebration throughout the day from praying family and friends


God is SO GOOD to us and we are just thrilled that our adoption of R is final and complete! Yeah!!

(kaye ann)

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