Thursday, June 2, 2011

So Much to Read… So Little Time!

I have been following a bunch of bloggers in the Philippines this week as they travel with Compassion International, a child sponsorship and relief aid Christian organization.

They have some great blog posts that will challenge, inspire, and make you smile- and cry- at the same time.

Would you like to read them too?

Shaun Groves on the neighbors next door… a big reality check… but a good one, and his explanation, his surprise, and isn’t that just how God works? :)

Patricia on the ‘unhappy’ kids… :) big smiles with this one!

Kat with her video to one of our family’s favorites

Emily and her awesome perspective on the transportation and life they live there…

Stephanie and her stories of these kids! and how they are being helped by compassion… and Christ!

And, okay.

Totally switching gears now…

I am SO with Jasmine on this…

please please PLEASE don’t say this to me.




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