Friday, June 4, 2010

Farmers Market

This morning my family loaded up into the big red bus and ran over to one of our favorite places to go in the summer.

Vendors lined the sloped-roof shelters. Cars whizzed by on the busy highway above. But below those shelters are smells of summer.

Onions, snap peas, homegrown strawberries, lettuce, flowers, and dirt.

The farmers smile as they set out their first harvests of the year.

As we perused the veggies, my mom says, "You should've brought your camera."

I nod.

The sites in this city tucked away under the interstate are beautiful.

City pretty.

Cars, smiling people of all colors, warm clouds up ahead, buses, and lots of chatter all around.

Next time. Next time I'll bring my camera. I say to myself as we load up and head for the Linden Hills.

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