Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the “Top Hat Society”

It started last fall when me and R would stay at home while the other two went to class with Mom as the chauffeur.

First, it was the band, then the transportation.

Well, no one came to our auditions this last round, so we decided to take another approach and start a club,

The Top Hat Society.


You know, like the Red Hat Ladies?

We decided that the official members would start with a few of our closest friends.


Mr. Topham Hat himself… arriving in his airplane.


Black-and-White Cow looking very dapper in his hat…


Brown Bull arriving as well, with his hat precariously balanced between his horns…

DSC02705 with the Blue Eyed Boy as president.

I was named the official “Crazy Big Sister Photographer”.

We started with some introductions…


Shaking hands and exchanging names.


Then we moved on to the serious business of discussing who else would be invited to join our Top Hat Society.


It was decided that Buzz Lightyear Lego Man should also be invited. Mr. President ran upstairs to get him and let him try on his new hat.


however, we soon found the Buzz couldn’t be admit to the Society. His head was too small to fit into the Top Hat.DSC02709


Soon we had grown tired of all the hat trying ons and requested that we adjourn for the most important part of the day-




Until next time then!

Cheerio and good day to you!


Crazy Big Sister Photographer and Mr. President

of the newly formed Top Hat Society

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