Sunday, October 17, 2010

Woke up this morning to a happy little boy flinging off all of my quilts and saying "Good morning, good morning, I can climb up with you?"

I couldn't hear anyone else up in the house, but knew that somewhere Dad was around, because the boy had peanut butter on his fingers.

Walked up with the him and into the kitchen.

smiled at our pile of books from last nights service.

Last night at church, we found the library and the bookstore.

I moved towards the counter where my radar had spotted L's apple pie from last night.

A perfect breakfast for a cool fall day.

I glanced up over at the bright white calendar smeared with busy red words and green words and black words of places and things to see and people to meet with and errands to run and bible studies to attend and classes.

I searched for today.

and I was grateful for the blank box meaning a true sabbath with just family.

(kaye ann silver)

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