Monday, October 25, 2010


After a wonderful weekend up at the farm and the lake place with Mamo and Papa, (pictures to follow as soon as I can get my camera to cooperate :) ), we drove home past a few houses that we were looking at purchasing.

Some were big with windows that arched up to let in light, some had front porches begging for chairs and flowers, and still others just didn’t seem to be what we were looking for.


The Lord has put us on a journey to find a house, and much like our adoption journey last year at this time, the pattern seems to be “Hurry up, and wait.” So while we wait for our house to sell so that we can move on to bigger things, we smile at our little cottage and pray for the future owners.


the turtles on the shed


the big trees shedding their leaves of color


the window boxes that Grandpa E built

the big fireplace in the basement


the green kitchen

a furnace that works

the yard where we planted all of our trees

dreams of a big house that God has totally prepared for us

the collapsed honeymoon cottage on Mamo and Papa’s farm

the baby trees peaking through on the farm

Mamo and Papa’s official TREE FARM sign


driving a tractor for the first time in my life (I know… I’m a city girl… :) )

watching R’s face light up while he drove the tractor with Grandpapa!

fresh apples while climbing around at the creek

muddy feet in the back seat coming home


(kaye ann silver)

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