Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kansas Speedway

We arrived at 7:40 am, gear and earplugs ready and the moon still high overhead.
Parked and walked with the cool steam of early morning air floating around us as we talked.
We shivered and jumped to keep warm, the temperature being 45 degrees.

But we weren't aware of how amazing and breathtaking it would be.

Walked through the front gates, mouths open and eyes wider than ping pongs and we pointed and stared and bounced on our toes breathless in the adrenaline in the moment.

In the early light we stood in line with fellow fans with our passes ready when they swung the gate wide and welcomed us in.

Giddy, we ran in, everyone too excited to stand it and smiles ready for many photos to come.

We were there- The Price Chopper 400 at Kansas Speedway.

As one big excited 12 person parade we ran to the grandstand and gasped at the early morning light reflecting off the bleachers to be filled with 82,000.

We were the only ones out there at that moment and it seemed unreal.

Ran to the Cheerios tent that was hosting our stay at the speedway, all laughter and smiles and cheerios for breakfast. We are so blessed!

Clint Bowyer came by to sign autographs on complimentary die-cast race cars and hats, then off we ran to catch another racer.

Many many many thank yous to my Grandpa for getting me in to see Kasey Kahne!
He signed my hat, we snapped some pictures, then back to the tent I skipped with my best friend L chattering with me the whole time.

After a while they started calling tours to go and see the pit area where they change tires and the garage where they take the cars if something goes wrong.


They were really working hard down there! :)
(actually, our tour was right about 1 hour before the race started, and those pit crews were buzzing! Tires rolled, semis were unloaded and drivers prepared for the big race in their fancy RV's. It was totally fantastic!)

A little while later, we stood and screamed loud and whooped and hollered til we couldn't hear and wore yellow ear plugs and sat strangely silent in the loudest sport around.


What a great weekend!

Thank you so much Mamo and Papa for taking us all to the race!

Blessings to you!

(kaye ann silver)

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