Monday, September 20, 2010

Blessings on a Brisk Monday

The morning started off slow.

Mom gently waking us all up, us all slowly emerging from under the warm quilts and up the stairs to a warm breakfast of pannekoeken, which made the getting up all the more wonderful.

The books sat staring at us from the table, and we all sat down in our spots to start working on this Monday in September.

Checked of subjects on the planner one by one... devos, chemistry, geography, math...

a nice quiet day after a busy weekend filled with exciting new things.

Crisp apples disappear from the table and chocolates from the jar on the shelf. Tastes of the sweet and the apple orchard make us laugh.

I pick up my room just to be sure, should someone drop in to see the house, and I smile at the cool breeze coming in through the open window.

What's not to love about a quiet day in the fall?


crisp apples

cool breezes smelling of fall

pannekoeken! (recipe to follow...)

doing well in chemistry

emails from a friend learning to be a nurse

a strong christian realtor

praying over the house

dreaming big!

writing in cursive with a good pen

the bright flowers in my room

chairs on my windowsill from our realtor

the Lord bless you and may you laugh today!

(kaye ann silver)

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