Saturday, July 14, 2012

Praises and Prayers from the Pilgrim’s Progress





Oh what a thrilling couple of weeks!

The play my family is currently a part of has launched into its dress rehearsals, and we are busy finishing up costumes and laughing hard and enjoying 2 whole weeks with some of the most amazing, God-glorifying people around.

We do have a few prayer requests (and praises!) as we go into performance week if you wouldn’t mind lifting us up?

- Praise! All costumes are nearly finished! Sets are almost done!

- Praise for the hard work of our director! She has been incredible these last weeks, and amidst joy, minor complications, the heat, and 35 cast members, has shone the Light of Christ every day. Please lift her up as we enter performance week!

- Prayer for the audience to be receptive and awakened to the sweet gospel of Christ that is so clearly presented in the production. Also, please pray for the audience’s endurance in the heat of July.


Thank you, friends!

May you have a wonderfully blessed week!


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