Sunday, July 1, 2012

Painting the Laundry Room


When we moved into our house nearly a year and a half ago, every single wall was either a neutral beige color or a simple brown. This was a bit of a change. The house we moved from in the city was many times more colorful than the beige: we had purple, blue, orange, green, and pink on the main level, and blue and brown in the basement. My mom and dad worked really hard when we moved in to get some color back into our home. So far, we’ve done two bedrooms, the kitchen, and the staircase walls all in some beautiful colors. I came home from play practice to find a beautiful surprise and a very happy mom.


An orange laundry room! How amazing is this??

My dad rocks- he put up shelves and painted while we were all running around that morning.

Now, the laundry room is not only much much sweeter, but thoroughly functional as well!





We hung a 2” wooden dowel along the hooks on the shelves, making more space for us to hang dry our clothes. It looks so charming!




We are all just a tad bit in love with the laundry room right now :)

and how could you not be? :)



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