Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Neighbors :)


I am so thrilled to tell you that construction has begun next door! The lot sold a month ago, and our family was a bit bummed to be losing the open grass next door, but on meeting the new owners, we realized how totally amazing it is going to be having them for neighbors, as they are super sweet people.

As the machines rolled in, Mom ran up to get R out of bed. Here’s a picture of him last night, but I thought it pretty much depicted his face on seeing the diggers this morning. :)


He is so thrilled that a “Snort” (from Dr. Seuss’ Are You My Mother? book) has begun to dig out the hole for the foundation.


Who needs TV when there’s diggers and Bobcats to be seen out your sliding glass door??


Stay cool today, friends!


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