Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Open House


I’m done with high school!

And for those of us who live in the Midwest, that means it is time for a graduation open house. :) Lots of friends, family, and food. A big tent with lots of tables. Pictures of me looking great, pictures of me looking… not so great for everyone to look at and smile and say “Yep. Time sure does fly!”

So, with many thank you’s to all sides of my family and friends, here’s what happened at my open house:



Have you ever heard of MaryJane’s Farm? It’s a darling country vintage funky magazine that me, my mom, and my grandma (Mamo :) ) all LOVE to read. It’s got everything from how to make your own dandelion preserves to how to decorate for a beautiful wedding, or in our case, an open house.

After reading one of her magazines, we had the idea to use old ironing boards for display tables, with hankerchiefs hanging from them. I wasn’t really sure what this would look like or come out to be, but oh! it came out so darling!


our garage was transformed into a charming farmhouse in a matter of hours, many many thanks to my mom and Mamo. Our food was nachos and bars, so we set up some of each of these in the garage for those who just wanted to eat and run. However, as we were to find out later, most people were going to be there for the long haul, which made for a full and wonderfully friend-filled party.









So darling! I was so excited to see it all come together so nicely! Our dear friends who live so close to us now lent us their pop trough (picture below :) ) for storing and keeping all the pop cool and the beautiful tent we used to help people find some shade in our otherwise shadeless lot of land :)




At 1, the nacho cheese was ready, the bars were set out, and family was starting to arrive! It was so cool to see people from Iowa, the cities, the far north of our state, and all over our area arrive!






:) Lots of pictures this post… I’ll bet you’re not surprised though :)

As the party progressed, I found myself being the center of life on our driveway. For little introverted me, I really liked having lots of people to talk to all day. What fun! I talked and gestured and talked and talked some more until I was hoarse, but it was well worth it to be able to see and chat with so many people who love me for just being me.

Honestly, I was totally overwhelmed by how many people love me and my family.

God has been so good to us!






But as it goes with our family, a party’s not a party unless something memorable occurs. This time around, the whoops! was actually really funny.


the pop trough was sitting on two sawhorses.


the first sawhorse had too much weight on one end from all the ice and pop.


whoops! There goes the pop trough!


We got all the ice swept out of the garage and the trough set back onto sawhorses, and the party continued. :) There’s always things happening over at our house :)

What a blessing this party was for my whole family! It was so much fun to have everyone over to our house, and I want to thank everyone who came for their prayers and well-wishes for me as I continue into my college career. I love love love you all, and what a great time it was to see you all! So many people came that I couldn’t count or tell you each person individually, except to say that literally everyone we know was there. The day was perfect, the weather stunning, and God was totally in every moment of the day. I am so thankful that all went well and that everyone was able to make it. You are all wonderful, and I loved seeing each of you so much!

Be blessed today, friends!

In Christ,


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