Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a sign of spring

Kaye! Come quick!”

I was sitting right here, typing away at a science lab.

Closed the computer, stood and watched my siblings standing,

faces pressed against the sliding glass doors by the table.

“Robins! Like, eight of them! Eight! Right there!” M is ecstatic.

“My nature journal!” She runs from the room for a journal,

I reach for the camera.

The bird flies and my breath catches- who could capture that with a lens?

Camera set aside.

R sits, blue cape on and lightsaber at rest, content to watch his sisters.

L goes for our new favorite book, Wild About Birds, comes back.

Robins. page…

We lean in close and M sketches out her sighting in the Nature Journal.

Looking up, I catch them as the flock dips and dives into the tree all at once- perfectly synchronized.

Only God good choreograph a flight that beautiful.

L reads allowed the names, the sounds. I slide the door open and L beams.

Cheep-cheep! Cheep-Cheep!

The birds hop- so funny- from branch to branch of L’s trees, singing, dancing, flying- happy to be just there, just now.

A sign of spring.

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