Friday, March 11, 2011

An Article for You…

Many of you I am sure have heard of ABC’s new show, Secret Millionaire, set to air on Saturday nights at 7.

This last week, a millionaire named Dani Johnson was sent to Knoxville, Tennessee to find several volunteer organizations to give her money away to.

And what a show it was!

She went to a soup kitchen where Christ was unashamedly spoken of and revered- a school where underprivileged kids could learn to play instruments- an organization that redecorated rooms for kids with life-threatening illness.

And throughout the show, as we watched, all of us over here could just tell that this lady was not only a soft-hearted and generous millionaire, but a very strong Christian woman. In the show, there are shots of her reading the Bible, praying, and talking with two older ladies about their faith while running the soup kitchen.

What wasn’t shown was Dani’s own boldness with her faith throughout her week in poverty.

My mom found this article with ‘the story within the story’ about some of Dani’s struggles with the show, her story, and how in the end, she did it all for the glory of Christ, not her own glory.

“Why this Secret Millionaire Went Public” at Christianity Today.

To watch the whole episode of this awesome new show, click here!



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