Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thousand Gifts: Part 2

Then there was this house… this dear sweet house of ours… and I counted again….

I think I already posted these,

oh yes! Over here….

oh well…. counted and posted twice…



sticky light switches

grandpa E’s window boxes

grandpa Baker’s white shelves

remembering the blue and purple walls

remembering mom painting the kitchen while dad was on the canoe trip

remembering that little pink and purple room, flowers painted by mom and a sun by me, age 4

the great big gardens growing every summer, and mom’s care for them

fires in the real fireplace down stairs so hot that it heated the house

the christmas tree in front of the big window

the little chipped pieces on the sides of the cupboards

the entryway where you fall down the stairs or burn your arm on the stove

the big trees in the front

freeze tag in the backyard

(more to come….)

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