Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Year...

A new year just started for me a few days ago as I turned that age that everyone waits for, and I am loving every minute of it!
Thank you to all of you who sent me emails and cards on my birthday and for all the blessings you gave me on my special day!
So as I start off this new year, I have many new blessings...
181. tooter horns and bright green hats singing happy birthday all day long
182. My mom and the way she knows me...
183. mom's homemade chocolate cupcakes! YUMMO! 184. phone calls from friends wishing happy tidings
185. B, T, and J singing to me outside the window! That was so cool!
186. posters hanging up around the kitchen with drawings from my siblings on them..
187. balloons bouncing around the house
188. alfredo noodles with chicken and gooey garlic bread! I think my dad and I ate a whole loaf between us two!
189. The Girlhood Home Companion Magazine... very cool!
190. flowers and a card from my daddy... 191. winning the drawing for a free NW college sweatshirt! It is very warm! 192. building legos with my sisters in the basement... 193. The BBC Emma movie! Thank you L, M, and R! 194. Daddy watching the Emma movie with us... he lasted for about an hour of the 4 195. Uncle Jon stopping in just to give me a birthday hug 196. the Lord's guidance through new situations 197. Psalm 139 198. my parents' wisdom 199. my mom's "ice dancing prophecies" tee hee hee! she makes me laugh! 200! God's constant patience with my constant questions May the Lord bless your day! Kaye PS- please continue to pray for Haiti as they recover from the earthquake. Also, please pray for the people of Chile, as I just heard that a 8.8 earthquake hit there today.