Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hey there everyone!
I just returned from a great weekend of fun and play with my family and friends at the Laura Ingalls Wilder pageant and such in southern Minnesota. What Fun! I had a great time exploring the great sites that are around that area. We visited the sod house and Walnut Grove. That was a blast. I really enjoyed the sod house because it showed you really well how they lived back then on the prairie. The Jeffers Petroglyphs were fun as well. It was really awesome to see all the writings and initials from the late 1800's. I also loved that they think that Laura and Mary played on these rocks where the Petroglyphs were while they were traveling.
My dad is trying to replace the door closer on one of our doors. He is very happy to have returned the more expensive one and get one that cost him only $13.
This is slightly random, but have you heard of the movie Fireproof? It is an amazing movie about fireproofing your marriage. I really liked it, and the man who played the main role of Caleb who is also a strong Christian and speaker, Kirk Cameron, did an amazing job. I wonder if it was hard for him to be mean in the beginning scenes. Anywho, here's the movie website. I encourage you to check it out.
Alright. See Ya!!
Kaye Ann Silver