Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's HOT

Do any of you recall the day back in February (if I am remembering correctly), when we were all sitting inside at breakfast at, oh, 8:30 and our thermometers read -20 degrees F.? I do recall it, but not what it felt like since today's sweltering peak of 97 degrees F. where I am hit. We went grocery shopping, and while we were wheeling our cart out of the store to our car, the chocolate chips started to melt! We had only been outside for maybe 3 minutes! YIKES! Well, I took a picture of our thermometer when it read -20, but I can't find it. When, I do, I'll post it with today's thermometer next to it. It's hard to believe we had a 120 degree jump in 4 months. Have a great, sweltering day! Kaye Ann Silver