Saturday, June 5, 2010

Art Fair and Classroom

Today was another busy one over here.

Woke up to fly through a shower and dad's saturday special- pancakes and eggs with sausage in them- to cruise over to the art fair.

Again... I forgot my camera.

Mini donuts, artists talking sales and tales, R running with his floppy hat to pet the llama, Mom and Mrs. R chatting under the tree on the corner just like every year.

Not even the light rain could ruin the sites of rows of white tents on a charming boulevard, lined with plastic and people disappearing inside them.

After perusing the pottery and looking at beautiful quilts, we said farewell and headed home.

Lunch was eaten, R put down for a nap, and my sisters and Dad and I took off for his school.

I remembered my camera this time.

As we pulled off posters and put things in drawers, music called over the speakers and the one able-to-be-opened window pushed in air. No one else in the sixth grade area. Just us.

M smiles after succesfully pulling down a tough poster. "I'm glad you're a teacher, Dad."

Dad smiles back.

L smiles, I smile.

Me too.

have a blessed Saturday and Sunday too.

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