Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break Week

Hello there all!
This week, as you could tell by the title, was spring break week. We had a blast. My dad took me and my sisters up to the Duluth area during an ice storm. We had a blast and really had a good prayer life while driving under some dipping power lines and sagging trees. Also, we had a project fair yesterday that went SO WELL!Granny and Grandpa, my friends from church, and Botso and J all came to cheer me and my sisters on. There were many cool projects and a lot of people. Thank you to everyone who showed up to support me and my sisters and everyone in our homeschool co-op.
I give my presentation on Split Rock Lighthouse to Granny and Grandpa and J.
Me and my very good friend from church.
Split Rock Lighthouse after the ice storm. THANKS! In Christ, Kaye Ann Silver