Monday, January 16, 2012

A Few Great Posts

that I just had to share with you all because I love to read what others write :)

- What I Said… What I Really Meant… : Don’t we all do this? Say “I’m fine” but really mean “I am so not fine”? A good eye opener…

- The First Three: meet the newest members to our family?

- For When We Question His Purpose : ah, yes… this is good!

- Miracles that Never Cease : a book I can’t wait to read… :)

- Real Hope for Haiti : love this story… wow… reminds me of my dad, that love for Haiti

- APTAT : as my dear friend said, “I claim this!” Admit, Pray, Trust, Act, Thank- John Piper talks about this great tool! “Can’t do it!” Perfect! What I needed to hear this week!

- Another Reason to Share the Gospel : a verse to encourage by my friend over at Lillies Valley

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