Friday, January 15, 2010

Pray for Haiti

Hey there... I don't know if you've heard or not, on Tuesday (the 12th), Haiti was struck by a record-blowing 7.0 earthquake. Haiti is already the poorest country in this hemisphere, and they are many times struck with hurricanes. My dad led a trip down to Haiti through our church a two years ago to help out in an orphanage, God's Littlest Angels. They got to go down and work with the kids, meet the founders, and really connect with a lot of people. When we got the news of the earthquake, we were shocked. All we could think of was all the kids in the orphanage down there, and if they had sustained major damage to the property, or worse. That night, on BBC, Dixie Bickel, one of the founders, called in and was on TV reporting on the situation in Haiti. She was also interviewed the next day on Good Morning America. (I'm sure you could find either of these interviews online if you would like to see them). The orphanage is alright and they don't have any major damage to the building. However, the country of Haiti is now in even worse condition than it was before. The casualty rates are astonishing. Right now, the country of Haiti needs prayer. Please pray that those affected by the earthquake would know that God is in control and for peace of mind and heart. Pray for the orphanage, that they would be able to get the food and water that they need to keep running. Pray that those who are called to give in this crisis would be led to, and pray that Haiti, in the midst of all this chaos, find comfort in Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for your prayers. Kaye A. Silver