Saturday, February 21, 2009

Back from the Lake

Back from the lake with many pictures. These are only a fourth of all of the photos I took while we were up there. It was a blast!
Birds Buzzed the Feeder Every Morning while we were up there. I bet that there were as many as a hundred birds in their front yard alone!
Birch Grove
The Slanting Tree
Just an idea of how tall the trees are up there. I only got half of the trees in this picture!
Looking Up at Mr. Porcupine
Three Sisters on a Log
The Log Climbers Inc.
Mr. Porcupine
(if you knew our family's dog Tori, this porcupine was as big as her!)
Ms. Tessa after a Mouse
Blue Shadows
The Road Less Traveled
Across the Pond
Hidden Canoes
My sisters and Mamo
Lake in the Woods
The Hidden Trail
The Birch Gateway
Sunset again
Fuzzy, but cool picture.
Hey there everybody!
I just got back from the lake two days ago and I took A LOT of pictures. Here are some of my favorites!!!!
All of these (except for the bird feeder one) were taken in the woods that are directly across the street from Mamo and Papa's house. The man who owns the woods lets my grandma and her dogs walk in there because they aren't up much. The land back there is AMAZING. There are three lakes hidden in the woods, fox dens and lots of deer tracks.
We had a ton of fun up there. I think the highlight of the week was to get to spend a lot of time with our awesome Mamo and Papa (and seeing the Lightning play hockey says my sister M).
Alright. See ya!
Kaye Ann Silver

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